What’s copywriting anyway?

//What’s copywriting anyway?

What’s copywriting anyway?

What does a copywriter do?   They write stuff.

Technical hey. I’ve really outdone myself on that explanation.

A don’tcopywriter is a writer, who doesn’t copy. They write original, cool, thought provoking stuff.

Seriously though, they do write stuff.  On stuff. For stuff. Everywhere and anywhere you can put words on stuff.

Do this for me, please.

Have a look around you. What do you see?

  • Pick up that can of deodorant. Someone really wants to keep you fresh all day long. And that person would be a copywriter.
  • Have a look at the description on the back of your hand cream. Moist. Soothing. Natural. Someone put those words on there.
  • Look at social media ads. What’s the ad telling you to do? Book in an appointment? Buy now? A copywriter did that.
  • Read an article online? Clicked through to find out the 10 best ways to be totally awesome? Yep, a copywriter came up with that.

If you call yourself a copywriter, you’re getting paid to write stuff for other people.

Writing for yourself means you’re an author.

Typical names you’ll see bandied around include; Word Wrangler, Wordsmith, Magical Word Weaver, Copy Beast (thanks Kate Toon). And that’s just a few.

A paid copywriter can do many things to help your business

  • Help you get found on google
  • Attract your perfect clients to your amazing products or services
  • Create an emotional connection and reaction to your brand through words
  • Convince people to click through, buy or sign up for your stuff
  • Use words that embrace your customers in a big warm hug as they join your business
  • Find clever, witty ways to describe even the drabbest of products
  • Get words out of your head and onto paper so they dance across the page, enticing customers to interact and engage with you
  • Make your business stand out. Look professional and trustworthy to deal with.

Here’s a guide to how much you can expect to pay a copywriter

A copywriter leads a glamorous life

The life of a freelancer

Those horrid lies about copywriters lounging around home in their PJ’s are totally wrong. (There’s no skype today is there?)
Well, ok. They may be telling the truth a little. But. Those words don’t just get there themselves.  And they don’t happen quickly either.

Most copywriters spend years perfecting their craft and improving their writing skills.  An average day may be spent doing one or all of these tasks:

  • creating outlines
  • coming up with a story
  • researching ideas and angles
  • writing
  • staring at a blank screen with a teasing, blinking cursor
  • interviewing people
  • editing. editing. editing.
  • reading (yep, that’s right. You have to read to improve your writing. Copywriters are really winning).
  • managing projects
  • chasing up feedback and making changes
  • sourcing images
  • watching a billion video’s of puppies on loop (just checking you’re still reading)
  • then, finally, a final, almost final, no really, it’s final. The copy is released into the world. Fly free little words. Fly free.


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