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The top Marketing Tools and Resources every small business needs


Do you have shiny object syndrome like me?

When you’re a small business owner it’s easy to get lost down a rabbit hole when searching for the best tools and resources for your business.

I know I’ve been guilty of trying a million resources before settling on the one tool! What a waste of time. And money.

I’m often asked what tools and plug-ins I use to make my life easier (and I’m always asking successful businesses too).

So I’ve gathered together a list for you of all the things I love in the hope that it will save you time.

p.s. We can be helpful and make money too

In the spirit of full disclosure, these are the tools which work for me and my business. They may not always be the best option for you and what you are trying to achieve.
Make sure you investigate the tool, it’s features and associated costs before investing. Some of the links are affiliate links, but I only list the products or services that I have personally used and love.

If you’re on a budget and have time on your hands to create, definitely check out these great free tools.

Create social media content for your business
Isn’t it awesome there are so many free tools you can take advantage of to really lift your marketing game? And do it quickly!

  • Spark Post by Adobe (there’s a free APP, and a Paid version in the Adobe Suite)

By far the easiest tool to use when you’re on the go and inspiration strikes.  There’s an app version and a Desktop Version.  And it’s free.
(You can get a paid version too, but if you’re doing that you’re better off including with your Adobe Creative Cloud Package).

What I like about it is that if you can also create cool little graphics animations too.

  • Canva the design program for non-designers
    I cannot rave about Canva enough. It’s really made starting my business working from home a lot easier. And, without the expense of having to pay thousands in design work for every piece of work I do.
    In the beginning, I used it for everything, including creating letterhead, invoices, and base presentations.   Still do!As they are constantly improving the functionality you can also create animations, web pages and there are thousands of templates you can choose from.  much prefer the desktop version as it’s more manageable and works faster.You can upgrade to a paid version (Like I have), and the advantages of that are you can save your brand assets, colour palette, and if you’re working with someone else, you have multiple brand schemes and templates.I don’t use it for Print work, as I find the resolution isn’t as sharp as what you’d achieve using Adobe suites.
  • Giphy  

All those crazy memes and videos are taking over the internet and if you want to create your own this is the place to go.

But, personally, I’d limit the use of these as you don’t have as much flexibility to customise for your brand. Use Spark Post or Canva for that.


While I can’t stress the importance of creating personalised images for your business there are heaps of really cool free image sites that will really give your content a lift and are good to use as filler content.

Things to watch out for:

1. Who else is using the same images

2. Copyright – make sure the images are really creative commons licensed

3. Attribute the photographer if that’s a condition of downloading the photo (which is only fair).

Here are the two I love at the moment;

These are high-quality photos from photographers all around the world.
Photographers often use this as a way to showcase their work or make use of the thousands of extra images they shoot per year.
In most cases, you don’t have to attribute the photographer, but it’s always nice to if you can.

Each week the good people of Creative Market release six freebie products. These range from photos to templates, and even website themes.
Catch: you’ll probably need Adobe products for some of these to work and they take up heaps of space. So try not to stockpile, just in case lol.

Although I love my freebies, there are definitely tools that are worth paying for!  Here are some of the tools I love that have been tried and tested.


Google Docs

How else can you make your posts and content sing? Through great quality images.

Styled Stock Library