Too shy for videos? Think again.

//Too shy for videos? Think again.

Too shy for videos? Think again.

Video marketing is here to stay. Videos are a great way to share your brand story, show the value you bring, and can be a way to engage with customers and prospects.
If you haven’t already, it’s time to make video a part of your content strategy.   And, even though we know we should be creating videos a lot of small business owners aren’t. What’s stopping us? 

Why videos need to be a part of your content strategy

  • According to Wordstream a third of the time people are online is spent watching video
  • They’re easy to watch (aka, you’ll find me down a rabbit hole of continual video loops, watching dogs do stupid things)
  • Social media sites love video and give them more weighting in the feed (which is great for reaching more people)
  • Search engines love video (Hello SEO, and hello more people finding you)
  • We engage when we watch a video. We share, like and comment on them all the time
  • They are a great way for people to get to know you as a person, not just a brand name.
  • Easy to showcase what you know (without worrying about the grammar police).

So do we all agree that we need to create more videos for our business? Yes?
What’s getting in the way? Many business owners out there (myself included), are balking at the idea of getting in front of the camera.

Excuse after excuse getting in the way.

I don’t like what I look like. I don’t have anything to say. I don’t have budget to produce video…etc etc

The fact is, if you want to get noticed in 2018 you have to embrace video. The time for being shy is over.

I get it though. It’s hard to put yourself out there. When I started Marketing Goodness I wasn’t thinking about being the front person or the next social media star (and I’m far from it!).  But I am trying to put myself out there more and get in front of the camera.

I have been brave and have used video for a couple of Facebook lives, posted a video on LinkedIn (ironically testing the video theory), and have released a few quick and dirty videos using my blog content and easy to use software.

What I’ve learned is that it does get easier. I find I’m not Umming as much (thanks Mum for pointing that one out), that I’m not as scared or worried about what people think.  When I do a video, it actually helps build my confidence. I know stuff and I should be sharing it.  When I put myself out there, I get more responses and increased engagement from those following me too.

Here are six ideas to help shy business owners overcome their fear of video

  1. The Art of practice
    Practice makes perfect. I often tell my niece, you can’t expect to be good at something the first time you try. You have to keep going. Same with video. Start out by recording short 15 and 30 seconds videos of you doing normal, daily things.  And the best thing. You don’t have to share these at all. It’s just about getting used to seeing yourself on camera (and hearing your voice). Send them to your friends, family – and if you’re super brave – ask them for feedback.Camera Tip: It’s all about the angles.  Shoot slightly above eye level, and definitely don’t shoot looking up, or you’ll end up looking like Jaba the Hut with a thousand chins.
    If using an iPhone, my sister points out quite regularly – look at the camera lens on the phone, not straight ahead where your eyes naturally want to go.
  2.  Start with Voice Overs
    Who said your face had to be on camera? You can start your journey into creating videos using your voice only. There’s free screen capture software available like Screencast where you can talk people through things. Great if you’re an online store or want to explain a way of doing things or answer a ‘how to’ type question.I used Adobe Spark to create this one. And, I found it much more natural and easier to speak normally without the pressure of worrying what I looked like.
  3. Interview someone
    If you’re too shy to be on camera to start with, try and interview someone.
    I bet there’s something in your team who has a great story to tell. All you have to do is ask them a question, then get out of the way while they answer.
    Have someone interview you. It’s often easier to answer a question than think of what to say.
  4. Don’t wait till everything is perfectThe best time to start doing video is now. Don’t wait to buy the best equipment, the greatest lighting rig, or microphone. Start small, with what you have available today. When you’re used to doing videos and can see how effective they are- then, consider bringing in a professional to help you out or investing in equipment for your business.All you need is:
    – iPhone or Smart Phone
    – Use your headphones as a microphone if background noise is an issue
    – Pick a spot that has great natural light
    editing app on your phone. (iMovie is easiest for iPhones)
    – A selfie stick (yep I said it).
  5. Design your brand assets
    It’s a good idea to reinforce your brand on video so consider creating a standard toolkit you can insert across all videos.1. Music
    2. Intro Slide
    3. Closer slideYou can use free tools like to create your own or hire a designer to do one for you.
  6. Client Testimonials – on film
    There’s a reason why we’re seeing so many testimonials and user reviews.
    Social proof is an excellent sales tool.
    See if any of your happy customers who have given testimonials and raved about your products if they’d like to appear on camera. Customer reviews and testimonials are more believable when on video because it’s harder to fake than text-based reviews.

So there you have it. There’s six ways shy business owners can start to do video before getting the courage up to get in front of the camera.

Beck x

No time to be shy, get yourself out there.

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