Marketing Strategy Explained

//Marketing Strategy Explained

Marketing Strategy Explained

When you hear the words Marketing Strategy what crosses your mind?

    • Pfft. Marketing Strategy explained. Whatever!
    • ARGH, kill me now – such a wanky corporate word.
    • I’d rather stab myself in the eye.
    • Ain’t nobody got time for that!
    • What a load of bollocks??
    • A marketing strategy is only for established businesses with the big bucks!
Marketing Strategy with tude!

Sound like you? Well, it’s my job to change your mind.  Ready?

What if I told you that marketing strategy is simply how you get from point A to point B?

Would that convince you that you need a marketing strategy?

Marketing Goodness

I love Marketing Strategy

What if I also told you Marketing Strategy can be as complex as a 30-page document or as simple as a post-it-note stuck on your computer?

Or it could be like mine right now. High-level details are written on my glass wardrobe door in my office. And the actions are in my Freedcamp project management app.    One pager? No problem.

And, if you never wrote your strategy down I wouldn’t care? (well, that’s not true, my inner marketing strategy nerd would be twitching).

I’d be ok about it though. If you’d at least put some deep-thinking time into what’s going on and have a clear focus on where you want to take your business.

Would that change your mind about strategy?  Knowing you didn’t have to write war and peace to think strategically? You just had to think??

It’s time to show Marketing Strategy the love.

Here’s how it works. 

Marketing Strategy is the Why of business. It’s the deep-thinking bit.

It’s all the parts of your business that add up to how you’re seen in the market. It’s why you exist. It’s how you solve your customer problems.

It’s the line in the sand that tells you where you are today compared to where you want to be tomorrow.

It’s the value you bring to the table and why I should work with you or choose to buy your stuff over someone else.

It’s knowing where you need to show up for your customers.

Understanding what activities get the most results and keep your customers happy.

And, checking in with your customers on whether what you do is hitting the mark.

It’s not a set and forget thing either. It’s a living breathing guide to making your business a success.

That is why I love it. That is why every business, regardless of size needs their own marketing strategy. It’s why when I’m asked, where do I start with my marketing? my response is always, start with the thinking part. And to me, that’s the fun part. Think big, think crazy – then work out how you’re going to pull it all off.

Have I convinced you yet?

Can you see the benefit of thinking deeply about your business? Do you think you’ll spend time creating one for your business?

Need help? It’s definitely time to hook up with some Marketing Goodness.  Let’s chat.

Beck x

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