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As a business owner, you can’t expect to be an expert in everything!

But, as an expert in your business, you’re the best person to know your product or service inside out.
What’s needed is some guidance and coaching to help get your marketing smarts up to speed and show you how to DIY.

How Marketing coaching works
Coaching sessions work best when we set clear objectives for each one.
For example, one week we may want to talk about your brand and what it’s saying about you, the next week we may review your business strategy and, the next it could be an ideas session.

Is Marketing Coaching for you?
If you’re more of the DIY business owner and want to keep doing it yourself but need someone to bounce ideas with or advice on how to do it better then coaching is definitely for you.

How much will Marketing Coaching cost you?
If you wanted to lose weight and booked a personal trainer you’d book in a number of sessions to get the best results. Marketing coaching works the same way. There are a few sessions of getting to know each other, how your business works and what you want to achieve. Then it’s time to get into the detail with sessions booked to focus on getting the results you need.

Will it work?
That depends on you. Marketing coaching works when you’re also fully invested.  Showing up on time, being fully present on our calls – without distractions, and making the time to implement our plans will see it working for you.  I can’t help you without your help – it’s a two-way street.

I offer this for my Sydney or Inner West Clients as it works best when you meet in person.

Will walk you through step by step, a proven method to get clear on your business goals, understand your customers better, have a working strategy and how to write content for your audience.

I’m available to review copy and help guide you outside of these sessions and answer questions as they come up.

I limit my Clarity Programs to two clients at any one time to give your business the attention it deserves.

Available timeslots Thursday 2pm-4pm or Friday 10 am-12 pm at Sydney CBD or Sydney Inner West location.

Enquire via

Cost $4500 + GST

Pick my marketing brain sessions

Coaching session when you need it via Zoom or Skype.

Being in business can be a lonely game, and sometimes you just need someone to bounce ideas around with or reassurance you’re on the right track.

Pick my brain sessions are working sessions where we roll up our sleeves and get things done, as well as providing clear direction or how to fix a problem you may have.

Ideas to explore;

  • Review customer communications
  • Brainstorm content ideas
  • Problem solve why your website isn’t converting
  • How to approach collaboration
  • Ideas for a loyalty program etc.

1 90-minute session = $495 + GST


5 x 90-minute sessions = $1200 + GST   *BEST VALUE


Full Day Marketing intensive = $2500 + GST