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Hello there.

I’m really looking forward to working with you but before we do, it’s important you get a sense of who I am and what Marketing Goodness is all about.

Marketing is simply connecting to people who will love your product. It should never feel sleazy or forced.

I’m Rebecca Cofrancesco, but you can call me Beck. I’m  an experienced marketer with over 20 plus years experience. I love helping businesses to strategically think about marketing so it will set them up for growth.

I think marketing gets a bad wrap! Wouldn’t you agree?

I’ve lost track of the times I’ve heard people complain about marketing or lament that marketing doesn’t work.  I think that’s a bit unfair. Marketing doesn’t work if you’re not consistent or thinking about your end goal.

By bringing the goodness back into marketing I’m proving to business owners there’s a better way to really grow their business.

Why I do what I do

I get a real kick out of helping business owners get better at marketing. Sometimes, a fresh perspective can shed light on how to communicate their offer, what’s working, or what’s not working, and how a small change can often bring in new and repeat customers.

Rebecca Cofrancesco is a Certified Practicing Marketer

Why you should choose me and become a Marketing Goodness client

You’re sure to be shopping around on price. And that’s smart. There’s bound to be cheaper rates out there. But it’s as they say, ‘You get what you pay for’.
When you work with me you’re guaranteed a great experience:

Someone who is easy to work with.

✓ Someone who can grasp your brief quickly and run with it.

Someone who wants your business to succeed and will look for ways to improve.

✓ Plenty of communication so you’ll always know where things are up to and what’s next.

No surprises. We’ll always agree on any costs up front and I’ll look at ways to save you money.

Guaranteed delivery – I’m not going anywhere.

More than you asked for. I can’t help it. When I’m working with you my mind is always thinking of your business too.

✓ Ideas, support, and a sounding board. With plenty of real feedback.

✓ 20 + Years of experience in marketing, sales and communications and projects.

✓ Certified Practicing Marketer, with the Australian Marketing Institute

An Australian marketer and copywriter on your time-zone who understands the language and the Australian market-place.

A well-connected freelancer who can recommend cost-effective solutions and suppliers to help you grow your business.

✓ Plus, I know the rules, so won’t land you in hot water with your compliance teams.

Marketing Goodness is all about three things; 

  1. Always starting with the customer
  2. Consistently showing up
  3. Genuinely helping your customers

Sign up for a Marketing Goodness Think Tank session

When you work with me, I become part of your team. I will work with you and your business like it’s my own. I get to know you and your business, understanding what it is that makes you tick, as well as getting inside the hearts and minds of your customers.

Although marketing principles are the same, the tactics we use must match your business.  No two plans are the same.  And, it’s why the first step for everyone I work with is to have a strategy workshop – which we refer to as the Think Tank. No if’s or butts. This is the start of our working relationship and really sets the benchmark and provides clarity on where it makes sense to focus marketing energy and dollars.

Over my career I have created marketing strategies, content strategies, executed campaigns, built websites, set up and ran social media accounts, automated marketing processes, launched brand new products, improved customer experience and come up with hundreds if not thousands of ideas.

Helping business owners get better at marketing is what makes me happy.  I love seeing the difference consistent marketing can do for a business who needs more sales and wants to grow.

Because of my corporate experience, my mind automatically goes to business models and spying opportunities to make extra money for your business.

Personally, I’ve always been a bit of a saver, and I feel the same way about business. Looking for ways to maximise your marketing dollars so you only spend money on the things that will get results for your business.

I just love marketing. And I’m always learning and exploring what’s new. Exploring the latest marketing techniques, best practices and technologies so I can do the best for my clients.

Ready to work with me?

Throughout my 20 odd years plus of marketing and communications I’ve worked with companies of all shapes and sizes.

Read about my Happy Clients.

And,  a link to check out my LinkedIn profile so you can check my experience and connect.