Follow these tips to get back your free reach on social media

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Follow these tips to get back your free reach on social media

You may have noticed that the number of people who see your post has declined.

That’s because the sites are trying to lead you as a business page owner into paying to boost a post or advertise your products and services. But, if your budget doesn’t lend itself to regular boosting don’t despair.

Consider these techniques to boost your own post reach, without paying a cent.

  1. Be on the right channels for your ideal customer
    Stop spreading yourselves too thin.Nail the channel your customer hangs out in the most – then start to think about your other channels.
  2. Post at the right time
    Don’t overlook the inbuilt analytics feature that tells you when your customers are online and when they engage with your content.Plan your posts for those times and do more of the posts that go well – because that’s what your audience wants.As a rule of thumb, think about how people use their phones and when they will be open to reading your messages.Example; if your clients were mums, they are unlikely to pay attention to your amazing blog posted in the morning while they are in the chaos of the day getting people off to school. So you would avoid those times.
  3. Use Video
    You can’t ignore the stats aanymore– everyone loves video.It’s visual, easy to consume, and usually entertaining. Plus, has the potential to go viral really easily.Live videos are favoured by most platforms, so if you’re not shy – jump in front of the camera.
  4. Ask a question or ‘fill in the blank’ type posts
    We’re conditioned to answer questions we’re asked, so if you pose your post as a question, you’re likely to get comments, and you’ll get more eyes on your content.Their comments will be seen by their friends who are likely to be like them, your ideal clients.
    *edit – Facebook released a memo saying they will punish pages who use ‘engagement bait’. This type of post could still work if it’s asked with context – not a simple YES only.
  5. Be bold – ask them to do something
    Otherwise known as your call to action. You can create one for all of your posts or blogs.
  6. Not all actions are created equal
    Algorithms are constantly changing, but, what is consistent across channels is the value they place on engagement.From what I can tell.
    A. share is King
    B. Comments are Queen
    C. Likes/Loves mean Jack
  7. Make Social Media Sharing Simple
    Your blog or website should provide a simple means of sharing your content.
    This means adding social media sharing buttons and plug-ins to all of your websites, guaranteeing it is simple and quick for your readers to spread the word.
    eg; ‘Tweet This’  Share this with friends etc.
  8.  Share Again! Take advantage of the long tail
    Just because you share a blog post or new piece of content on Social media once doesn’t mean you can’t share it again later.Your prospects and followers on social media are not always logged in at the same time. This means that your content should be shared on all of the social media websites multiple times.
    This is working really well for Facebook adverts at the moment.
  9. Share Popular Content
    When a post (even if it’s not your own) gets a lot of engagement, the social media algorithms consider it valuable content for your audience and will continue to serve it up.  If you share an already popular content, your free reach also goes up. Even better if the content is from a contact or business partner. There reach will go up -your goodwill will be noticed – WIN WIN
  10. Be consistent – plan and schedule your posts in advance
    It’s hard to be on social media all the time, but you really need to be when your customers are active.You can automate and schedule your posts through websites like Buffer, or Hootsuite and set reminders to pop up for when someone interacts or comments.


Start experimenting with some of these hints on your own social media accounts and tell me how you go –

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